How to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing as a Busy Woman

Nov 30 · 2 min read

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Are you sick and tired of the daily grind? As a woman, you’re likely buried under countless daily obligations and responsibilities, and the monotony never seems to let up...

Being busy all the time leaves little room for self-reflection, enjoyable hobbies, and activities that make you feel your best! If you spend every minute of the day doing things you don’t want to do, it’s time to break free. Here are some tips from to help you ditch the daily grind and improve your life!

Make a Career Change

Life is too short to put up with a job you don’t like, especially if you’re being paid less than your male colleagues. Start working towards a career that fits you better and pays what you’re worth!

Before seeking a new position, spend some time updating your resume to make a great first impression on hiring managers. Take advantage of free online resume builders to help your resume really stand out. Just choose from a selection of professionally-designed templates and customize your resume with your own colors, fonts, photos, and copy. Be sure to use a type of resume generator that offers a free plan!

Start a Business and Escape the Daily Grind

If you’d rather escape the traditional workforce altogether, consider starting your own business! According to, research shows that women-owned companies generate higher revenue than those owned by men. Women are also highly effective leaders. By launching a business, you’ll gain complete control over your earning power and optimize the use of your most valuable skills.

Before starting a business, consider forming an LLC to protect yourself from business-related liabilities. LLCs also enjoy tax benefits that can save you money in the long run. Instead of paying a lawyer to help you form an LLC, take advantage of an affordable online formation service.

Embrace Nutrition on the Go

As a woman on the go, healthy eating can feel like an impossible goal. How do you balance your personal and professional life and still find time to prepare nutritious meals?

The trick is planning and preparing in advance. Keep a variety of quick breakfast foods on hand, like chopped and frozen smoothie ingredients or yogurt and granola. Pack healthy snacks with you to work; fruit, protein bars, and nuts are perfect. When you get some free time on the weekend, throw together a few one-pot meals for those busy weeknights.

Create a Manageable Fitness Schedule

Finding time for fitness is just as important as finding time for healthy eating. recommends several strategies for sneaking workouts into a busy schedule. For example, you could turn your commute into an exercise opportunity by running, walking, or cycling to work. You could even squeeze in a workout during your lunch break! If you have young kids, get a jogging stroller so you can exercise with your little ones in tow.

Try Different Stress Relief Strategies

Finding ways to fight stress is essential for busy women. Try different stress relief strategies until you find a few that work well for you.

For example, meditation is a great way to calm your nervous system. These mindful breathing exercises can help you get started with a meditation practice, using your breath as a focal point to keep your mind calm.

It’s also important to spend time regularly doing something that nurtures your soul and makes you feel alive, like a relaxing bath or a solo walk in the woods. Do what makes you feel your best!


Following the same busy routine day in and day out can feel like a dull and tiresome grind. If you’re craving some freedom in your life, consider upgrading your resume and looking for a new job, or starting your own business! Whatever you do, be sure to carve out time for exercise, healthy eating, and stress management so you can enjoy a good work-life balance.


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